vegetarian beet poutine

veggie poutine

so this recipe came to me during the summer because i had been craving poutine. honestly, in first year I lived off the stuff and why not. it is delicious. okay its really unhealthy. so i have tried to change that. i was told that i could not make a beet poutine but it turned out so well. this recipe is actually not that unhealthy, but just don’t try it every day.

so there are three steps

making roasted potatoes (recipe is here)
making gravy
grating cheese on top

okay, so make sure to start making gravy while potatoes are in the oven.

Start by

melting 3 tbs of butter in pan at med-high heat
adding ½ of white onion (finely diced)
adding 2 cloves of garlic (finely diced)
stirring around for 5 minutes till it starts to smell nice
adding 3 tbs of flour constantly stirring slowly
letting the flour fry slightly, mixing till smooth (few minutes)
adding 1 cup of freshly grated beets
letting some of the beets cook up so they get softer (few minutes)
stirring in ½ cup of water
mixing till smooth again and is the consistency you want

  • add flour if too thin
  • add water if too thick

adding salt and pepper to season

now once it is colder you can blend it up so it gets even smoother. If too runny than you can put in pan and boil off some of water.

now drizzle over the baked potatoes and top it off with some grated cheese. Put into oven for a few minutes and enjoy.

veggie poutine

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  1. libertinah says:

    ohhhhh man i want that poutine

  2. hartbraker says:

    Yeah veg! i’m totally gonna make dis

  3. Vivi says:

    holy shitballs. i’m all over this crap.. beets + poutine = dreamteam x

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