Vancouver Street view

Maybe everyone knows, but just to let the ones who don’t know, Google recently has put up a street view for Vancouver_ Its a 3D experience_ no special glasses needed!_ here’s how:

-click on link: LINK
-type in any Vancouver street name in the search bar
-see that little orange man above the zoom? click him and drag him to any intersection
-double click on the street to move forward (circle will show up)
-double click to zoom in (square will show up)
Viola! street view!
do you think you can find yourself!? peoples faces and license plates have been blocked off_ but maybe you’ll be able to recognize yourself_ try it out!

Just one more thing to point out_ i think it might be still under the works_ i was taking a look at it and was going through one of my daily bike routes and found that 14th didn’t have a school on it anymore but instead was looking at an alley with dumpsters_


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