tasty eggplant

sliced eggplant

after such a crazy amazing week of music (which i sadly was not part of) i feel those in vancouver need something easy and simple to make. eggplant is one of my favourite things to put on a bbq. they become nice and soft in the center, while still having some structure. they are not always the cheapest thing to buy at the super market, but fuck it. they are damn tasty and easy too cook. you  just cant fuck them up.

so slice it up, and drizzle a bit of olive oil the slices. the slices should be around ½ inch, but that doesn’t mean too much, so slice them however you want.

bbq (or pan sear them) them at med high heat, about 5 minutes each side. they will have nice brown lines on them, and hopefully will become soft in the middle.

once cooked, put them on the plate and flavour with a

touch of salt and pepper
touch of olive oil
even smaller touch of balsamic vinegar

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