Chad Vangaalen/Ghostkeeper/Babe Rainbow @ The Rickshaw (Olio Fest Day 2) – 9/24


Olio Festival is back for another year in Vancouver to showcase talents in all categories of entertainment. Review of Friday at the Rickshaw featuring Babe Rainbow, Ghostkeeper and Chad Vangaalen after the jump. Photos by Libertinah.

Babe Rainbow

olio1For Vancouver’s Babe Rainbow, the presence of a still standing, black cloaked, chain clad man at your side is the type of on stage imagery that captures what his music is all about. This, ironic to the positive name, is an array of dark trances and slow motion ­­­­daze straight from his laptop. Babe Rainbow’s apocalyptic sound will possess you; taking you out of the comfort zone of regular DJ sets and bring you into a mindset of distress and doom that for the time being you want to go on and on.  On Friday night at the Rickshaw, Cameron Reed was able to bring back dark emotions as though reliving the morning you woke up lost in the city in a state of paranoia and insecurity, walking the rainy streets with a synthetic pounding corrupting your mind’s rhythm and rearranging thinking patterns.



Following this set was Northern Alberta natives Ghostkeeper, with a pride for their traditional origin expressed through wholehearted delivery in their set. Contrary to the music preceding them, Ghostkeeper’s music is an overall rock sound which a soothing folk and foot tapping blues aspect that makes this band unique and worth listening to. The real talent comes from the group’s ability to create the relaxed yet enticing “laid back Sunday with a couple of beers jamming in the field” mood even while in the setting of the crowded and dimly lit Rickshaw. Overall, the band’s prominent homegrown sound may not get you dancing, rather swaying while resurrecting comfortable and homey nostalgia.

olio6olio7olio9olio8olio12olio11Chad Vangaalan


A compelling ability to work a guitar, a microphone, a harmonica and an audience, Chad Vangaalen was unquestionably the evening’s highlight. Also originally from Alberta, Vangaalen is the epitome of a truly unhindered artist who with every rift and lyric sends chills to the heart. With every song, it’s evident that Chad pours some of himself into every detail of the melody as he delivers the flawless combination of high and soft pitch vocals with soulful guitar and smooth harmonica to create what is not only a song but a two and a half minute release of genuine emotion that the crowd was noticeably moved by. Performing occasional upbeat tracks, a captivating performance of a track entitled ‘Willow Tree’ off his latest album Soft Airplane was one that truly showcased his best abilities to connect with the instrument while in the midst of hundreds of eyes, unblinking, fixed on the intricate finger and foot work just metres in front of them. As a multi-talented artist, former street busker Chad Vangaalen is as raw and genuine as solo artists get.


To check these bands out, click the links below and experience first hand the talent behind these three unique musicians. For more great shows like these, check out the Olio Festival website for schedules and events happening tonight (Saturday, September 25th) and tomorrow (Sunday, September 26th).

Click HERE for music by BABE RAINBOW

Click HERE for music by GHOSTKEEPERS

Click HERE for music by CHAD VANGAALEN

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  1. hey are you my distant cus,its seems we have the music in our blood,as my moms a ghostkeeper from paddle my grandpa her dad adolfes ghostkeeper.

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