Kid Cudi – Live at Deer Lake Park 6/16

Kid Cudi Brings The Calm After The Storm. Is Vancouver allowed to have a good time after the Stanley Cup Riot repeated itself 17 years later after the incident in 1994?  On Wednesday night, downtown Vancouver had a haze of toxic smoke from the cars set on fire by rioters. Fast forward to Thursday night, Kid Cudi’s crowd gathered to Deer Lake in Burnaby to create smoke of its own: a very potent marijuana cloud.

While there were some attendees in the all-ages audience that were reminiscent of participants in the Stanley Cup Riot, Kid Cudi’s appeal reached out to the green-haired, the fist-pumpers and the cool hipsters across the board.  Reserved and reluctant at first, the crowd seemed to get the energy going after an embarrassment that hit global news.  Perhaps Kid Cudi was familiar with recovery after being embarrassed as he managed to punch someone the last time he set foot in the Commodore Ballroom in 2009.

“I feel like this is 1969 at Woodstock,” Cudi said to the crowd with a grin.  Well, maybe not quite to scale, but with Deer Lake in the background of the stage as the sun went down, it was as good as it was going to get.  He followed up with his own cover of “Hey Joe” with his live guitarist Sean Martin who nearly nailed all of Jimi Hendrix’s melodies.

Cudi announced the release date (Halloween of this year) of his short film “Maniac” directed by Shia LaBeouf and excitedly unveiled his special guest, Rage Cage.  He hailed the man as a genius and joked about how he managed to trick him to go on tour with him.  Together they performed the title track that inspired the film project.  Scattered in the crowd, huge hip hop fans yelled out their props and respect to Cage.

A bra was tossed up on stage, and Kid Cudi modestly exclaimed, “wow, this is a first!  But why would you give this away?  It’s so pretty!”  He ensured the fan that he’ll keep it up on a stool on stage and headed into his famous “Megamix” where he played 3 songs in a row and demanded the crowd to party like it’s spring break.  “In My Mind”, “Memories” and “Day N Nite” were performed back to back.

There was not a doubt in the crowd at this point as Cudi had an absolute presence to command the stage as captain.  Club regulars were seen fist pumping across the field and even shy awkward dancers didn’t mind doing hip wiggles in the public eye.

Words + Photos – Melissa Dex Guzman

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