How to Stay Classy

…when you’re seriously about to lose your shit on someone.

Sometimes people are idiots. it’s not always their fault, but they’re dumb. I work in the service industry, I know this first hand. Once in awhile I get to a point where I feel like I just can’t keep myself from telling a cranky person off, but somehow I can hold back. I guess that’s what we call “class”? Sure. Anyway, letting someone or things get to you doesn’t do anyone any good, and if anything it backfires and only makes you feel worse, so why not practice some ways of remaining composed in times where you’re close to losing it.

This, my friends, is how to stay classy by not losing your temper.

1. Don’t let people get to you. You have more patience than that, and you’re smarter. More often than not it’s a subconscious thing where they want to see how you’ll react when they act stupid. If you’re calm and nice it throws them off and you win. How fun is that?

2. Do be logical in a situation where you’re gonna lose it. People are really emotional (me included). When we’re mad or when people push our buttons all our sense of logic goes out the window, the veins in our heads start popping, we start to sweat, and our hearts beat faster with rage. Hold it, and think logically about how you want to react. Baddabing. The other guy loses his shit first and you win.

3. Don’t get physical. You’ll get sued. Maybe arrested. This is hands down your worst option.

4. If things just get too stupid to handle, walk away. ¬†You might regret knocking the moron out, but you won’t have a black eye or a sore fist in the morning.

5. Pick your battles. Life’s too short to let someone get on you about bumping into them at the ¬†skytrain station, or giving you bad looks on Granville street. Guaranteed you’ll feel worse about yourself if you give in to these assholes than if you were to just walk away and save yourself the trouble.

6. Realize that you never really know someone until you see them lose it. if you get pissy about something stupid people’s opinion of you will change and they won’t like you anymore if you get crazy about stupid about something dumb. It’s unattractive and you look like a fool. How you react to someone or something in anger could possibly cost you a potential hook up, or date, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or friends in general.

7. Know that people get angry over small things and half the time that they take it out on you it’s not even your fault in the first place. Totally obnoxious, but it happens. They probably have a whole bunch of stuff going on in their lives and somehow their anger comes out directed at you.

8. Arguments aren’t limited to face-to-face confrontation. This kind of shit happens all the time over text message or the internet. Try not to take what someone says so seriously when communicating this way. If something was said and it really bothers you, confront them in person. Chances are the intention of the message was misinterpreted. Fighting over Facebook is lame anyway.

9. Use your normal voice. Yelling in someone’s face doesn’t get you anywhere and you’re just provoking the other person anyway. Let’s be grown-ups.

10. After you get over your impulse to punch the person in the face or flipping them the bird, don’t carry it around with you for the rest of the day. Let it go and focus on other things. Being mad is exhausting.

That my friends, is my advice for staying classy in a sticky and heated situation. You’re better than that!!

Stay classy and I love you.

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