Higher Learning – The Gay Nineties/The New Values @ Library Square – 6/28

It’s always a good summer for live music, but this year is enhanced with the addition of Higher Learning showcases by Beatroute Magazine every tuesday night at Library Square. This week showcased two bands that have been playing the circuit together as of late, The Gay Nineties and The New Values.

The New Values – Live at the Suicide Club – 02 Be Your Boy by The New Values

The New Values are undoubtably one of Vancouver’s best live bands. They play a ruthlessly energetic set with Adam and Hayz battling classic punk riffs with 50′s swing and Ryan clattering away on the drums with no pause. If you hear that these guys are playing a gig at some unheard of illegal venue with low ceilings, i fully recommend you attend. You’ll feel like a 14 year old at your first punk show, ie: losing your mind.

The curious public have been generating a buzz about the Gay Nineties, even though their studio album is still in progress. The collaboration of Parker Bossley (Hot Hot Heat/Fake Shark, Real Zombie), Daniel Knowlton (The Good News), and Malcolm Holt (Fake Shark, Real Zombie) is enough for trusted fans to believe in the project. And do they live up to the hype? Most definitely. They’ve created a smooth melodic vibe mixed with heavy, passionate vocals. They’ve booked plenty of shows for the beginning of summer, but will be taking a break before the release of their much anticipated album in September. Catch them while they’re hot.

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