GTM004 Finale

The anticipation of the fourth instalment of Gay Top Model was just titillating as the years before it. This years group of hunks ranged from classic fireman stud to a ravenous Tarzan look-a-like. The variety of eye candy has had followers drooling, gossiping and hair-pulling over who would be awarded this years title of Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model.

At a lavish event at the River Rock Casino in Richmond presented by Mirateca Arts, dozens of eclectic performers entertained the crowd between dare-to-bare catwalk challenges by the competing men. The crowd of straight, gay and bi men and women were screaming as if a mouse had been released in the girls locker room. Though some may call this type of sexy competition an exploitive event, the entire project is dedicated to raising funds for Friends For Life Society. Everybody wins.

The final decision boiled down to the long-haired east van resident Kolin Kokin and the charming and heroic Todd Johnston. The competition had caused such a tension for everyone that it was like releasing an orgasm when TODD JOHNSTON was finally announced as this years winner. Besides glory and being lusted after, Todd recieves a plethora of prizes, including a trip to Cuba from Out-adventures. For more information on the event visit the Mirateca Arts website. Congrats to this years participants!

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