Fried Udon w. Mirin sauce


Living with with my current room mate has some sweet perks. He knows how to make some delicious asian foods. There are so many subtle differences in their cuisines. I’ve done an udon noodle recipe before, but this one is very different. In this recipe we used some Mirin, a japenese sweet rice wine. Adam says its perfect when combining with soy sauce and some sugar, so of course that is what we did.

We started off by blanching the bok choi (3 large pieces) and used the same water to blanche the udon noodles (enough for 3 people). Using the same water means that some of the nutrients which are lost from blanching, can be put back into the noodles. The noodles and bok choi were then rinsed with cold water so they dont over cook, and let to drain so they could be fried. add little dash of sesame oil to noodles and bok choi.

in a seperate bowl we made a mixture of

1 tbs of soy sauce
1 tbs of mirin
1/2 tsp of sugar


In another sauce pan we

added some vegetable oil to a saucepan at med-high temp
once oil is hot frying up some diced onion (1/2 red onion) and eggplant (3 baby ones)
after a few minutes, once the onions were soft we mixed in diced shitake mushrooms
after a few more minutes of cooking we added the noodles
frying the noodles up, we put a small pot lid to get them slightly crispy on the bottom
finally we added the sauce and mixed it all together doing the same thing with the pot lid
in the last minute add the bok choi

cooking noodles

Now serve it up in a bowl and top it off with a bit of sesame seeds.

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