Free Weezy

It seem’s like Lil Wayne has been rocking an Orange Jumper and chilling behind bars for ever, but his long 8 months is finally over. Lil Wayne is set to be released from jail early tomorrow morning and heading right into the studio. Here’s a breakdown of what he has accomplished while he has been in the pen. More After The Jump!!

1. He released “I Am Not A Human Being” which went onto the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard spot.

2. He started a blog, WeezyThanxYou. to show his support to all his fans.

3. President Obama admitted Jay-Z is not the only one on his Ipod, Lil Wayne is to!

4. He appeared in music videos for Eminem, Drake, and himself.

5. He finished writing all of “The Carter 4″

He is now ready to come back and truly be, “The Best Rapper Alive”

2 Responses to Free Weezy

  1. Ahhmed says:

    what the hell is this doing here!?! a blog entry about prison? thats very un-hipster, since most hipsters would never spend a night in jail since their rich parents who are usually lawyers or doctors bail em out,

    good track though, wonder what he will do when hes back in jail next month.

  2. Ari says:

    stop hatin you punk ass bitch, hipsters are lame ducks, but if you dont like them fuck off heir blog

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