Death, Insanity or Bankruptcy – 1/15

dib116Death, Insanity or Bankruptcy: which embodies you? Whether you’re a bit insane and slightly bankrupt, all who attended the LD Project Gallery for the latest combination of art and party event were anything but dead. Call it offensive or call it exactly what you look for in a night, the results of the event could not have been more outstanding. Everyone involved would like to sincerely thank all who came to show their faces and give support to the featured artists. It’s all of you who keep these events happening and enable us to showcase just a portion of the outstanding talent in our city.
Re-live the night once again with more pictures after the jump!dib1dib2dib3dib5dib6dib7dib9dib13dib12dib15dib14dib11dib10dib16dib17dib18dib19dib20dib21dib24dib25dib27dib28dib29dib32dib31dib30dib34dib35dib37dib40dib41dib42dib43dib44dib46dib48dib49dib51dib52dib53dib54dib55dib56dib58dib63dib67dib70dib72dib73dib74dib78dib79dib80dib87dib89dib88dib91dib93dib94dib96dib97dib99dib101dib102dib104dib106dib108dib109dib110dib111dib112dib114dib117dib120dib121dib122dib124dib125dib126onmineeeeeeeeeeedib133dib123dib129dib134dib136dib137dib138dib139dib140dib141dib142

6 Responses to Death, Insanity or Bankruptcy – 1/15

  1. ashley t says:

    oh my god drew willis got so fat

  2. tan says:

    hmmmm no hot girls party

  3. merple says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    ^ Win.


  5. Congrats Kim, Ryan and Chase !!!
    sick turnout guys!

  6. sarah h says:

    stupid flu! i wish i came!!

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