Brick and Mortar Fashion at Guilt & Co


Guilt & Co.’s Brick and Mortar weekly fashion event is now the best, and only, place you can find fantastical indie fashion shows and sinfully good drinks on a Sunday night in Vancouver.

The free-cover fashion shows combine the talents of local designers, stylists, and creative personalities. Last week’s inaugural event, Something in the Middle, featured clothes by Riot, shoes by John Fleuvog, hair by the Aveda Academy, and was definitely not your run-of-the-mill fashion show. It was theatre, dammit!



When the lights dimmed, the first model wasn’t a glass-eyed Amazon, but a little girl acting as personified nostalgia. She pranced down the runway while a monologue was read about the trouble of living too much for the future, and how being in touch with the past can help you move forward.


The apparel continued the story: we saw feathered hairpieces paired with boxy black suits, motorcycle boots with sheer blouses, and graphic tees with fur stoles and gold chains.  The models nearly stole the show, since every walk was a different story from a different era: generation X apathy to flapper frivolity, Brando macho to Jagger swagger, pin-up coyness to Madonna brazenness. There were lots of oohs, aahs, and cat calls from the audience; Riot is going to be packed to the rafters this week.
































Don’t forget to check out RIOT CLOTHING located at 1395 Commercial Drive

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    Most excellent ladies! Wow!!
    You did it again. Bonjourno bebes
    Peace & Love to all.

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